By: VTC's Wellness Team

5 Ways to Stay Active at Work

It is common to spend most of your waking hours at work and we understand the struggle to fit exercise or active movement into your “free time.” And if we are being honest most days there’s little time or energy left for getting active. 

As your wellness partners, we are here to help you stay active at work. With these simple tips, it can now seem easier than ever. Let's start taking all those small opportunities to move throughout the day.  Just because you work at a desk doesn’t mean you have to sit at it for eight hours straight. Let's do this together!

Let's Get Moving!

1. Set a Timer for Every 30 minutes

It can be easy to get lost into your work or a big project. All of a sudden, you look at clock and hours have passed since you have moved from the same position. 

Setting timers for every 30 minutes will ensure that you never forget to get moving. Once that timer goes off you know it's time to make a bathroom trip, fill up your water bottle, grab a snack, move working locations, take a call on a walk, or do simple stretches. 

Did you know? Did you know that staying stationary – whether sitting or standing – for long periods of time, can be bad for your health. Once you start moving, you’ll notice: increased energy, a clearer mind, and improved mood.

2. Take Advantage of your Lunch Break

This can feel like the most difficult one, but it doesn't have to be. Your lunch break can be a carved out YOU time. This doesn't always have to be an intense workout. We know that can be a lot. 

Find a gym, cycling class, yoga studio, or walking path near your work. This will provide a great mental escape from the walls of your work and of course will get you moving. 

Did you know? Did you know that when you return to work after being active, this can result in sharper memory and thinking. The endorphins released during exercise not only help you feel better—they help you think better too.

3. Use a Standing Desk

Standing desks allow you to work at your "desk job" while standing rather than sitting in a chair. There are many options to make this happen. Obviously the most expensive version is having a desk with this feature built in. However, if your work place doesn't have this option you are not doomed. 

From your laptop on books or objects around the office to buying a stand off of Amazon. The options for standing desks are not limited to the fancy custom desks. 
Here are some options:

Amazon Rolling Standing Desk 
Target Standing Desk Natural
FlexiSpot Standard Standing Desk

Did you know? Did you know that standing while working may improve back pain, your posture, and burn more calories compared to sitting. 

4. Create Opportunities to Walk

It may seem simple, but that is the point. At every available opportunity you should attempt to get walking. 

Suggest taking meetings to a new location. If you're thinking about eating out for lunch go pick it up instead of having it delivered. Take the long way to the bathroom. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Drink a lot of water so you are taking more trips to fill it up and to the bathroom.

Did you know? sitting burns about 80 calories/hour -- standing burns about 88 calories/hour -- walking burned about  210 calories/hour

5. Create Co-Worker Competitions 

Getting active doesn't always have to be so boring. Get involved with your coworkers to create friendly competition. It can boost office moral, provide mental breaks, and get you moving. 

Track how many steps you get in the day and at the end of the week the one with the most gets an incentive or price. In the break room add fun games like bean bag toss, ping pong, or darts. 

Did you know? Did you know that boosting workplace morale can result in increased productivity and innovation. 


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Published: June 3, 2022